September 2008: Autumn 2008

If you’re reading this as a family “blog”, rather than as a knitter then I send you best wishes for a cosy winter.

I’m writing this in the park at Waldemarsudde, the splendid art museum overlooking the city of Stockholm.

I’m here for a week to visit friends, revisit Handarbetetsvänner where I learned to weave, and travel out to the island of Fjärdlång, where I once spent an idyllic summer.

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My friends Kerstin and Eivor are enthusiastic knitters and especially recommend
Marias Garn which we visited on the south side of the city and Garn Studio for exciting Nordic patterns.

Simon is well into his Peruvian experience with visits to Machu Picchu and Arequipa.

His biggest problem is that he is so much taller than anyone who was meant to travel by bus in Peru!!

You can read about his travels and his digestive adjustments on Simon’s Blog

Jill continues to advise on Marketing for the website from her home in Galway where her own website My Kids Time takes her out and about with my granddaughters Blythe and Fern.

Chris, our webmeister, has just received a promotion at his work in Alabama, a catalyst for challenge and change.

I so appreciate the communication we have via the website.

I hope this finds you happily knitting and thinking up projects for your stash to brighten the winter months.

Our new Arran pattern is a response to requests for a waistcoat version of our famous Arran Sweater.

We hope you’ll add it to your collection of our Knitting Patterns and enjoy the warmth it provides, once while you sit by the fire and knit and twice when you wear it.

Lynn Gray Ross