Knitting Patterns

Patterns by Lynn Gray Ross

The patterns give you satisfaction & pleasure three times over

  1. Knitting the Pattern
  2. Reading the Fascinating History Sheet for Each Design
  3. Wearing the Stylish & Comfortable Finished Result


The Arran Waistcoat is the best. It is so handy and warm, especially when I’m on the playgroup run and popping in and out of shops. Thanks a million for the pattern and the idea. Can’t wait till my red one is finished”


Jackie and Emily are finding their Scottish Blue Bunnits cosy and warm in this late winter chill.


Jan Attkins loves the Galway Shawl:

“Hi Lynn,
Thank you so much for the Galway Shawl Pattern. I started off trying to knit one as a Christmas present and I am now on my third. They look great and knit up so quickly.”



“My husband absolutely loves his Arran Sweater. Many thanks”