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Lynn Gray Ross

Lynn Gray Ross

Lynn Gray Ross is a textile artist who lives on the Isle of Arran in Scotland. She has been knitting since she was five.

Lynn, her daughter and two sons have set up the Arran Knitting Company to combine the latest technology with the traditional skills which have firm roots in the island where Lynn has been working and raising her family for the past 39 years.

Lynn is an expert in knitting with handspun wool and has published two books on the subject “Knitting Patterns for Handspun Wool” and “Knitting with Handspun” (Ross-Gill Publishers 1979 and 1984).

For information on Lynn’s weaving see Lynn Gray Ross

Jill Holtz

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Jill Holtz is the Marketing Manager. She lives in Galway in the west of Ireland with her husband and two children. Jill has graduate business degrees from the University of Strathclyde and NUI Galway.

Jill has set up a website for parents in Ireland to find out about local activities for kids and all things related on My Kids Time

Jill was recently featured in an article about “mumtrepeneurs”
in the Irish Times.

Christopher Ross-Gill

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Christopher is the Technical Director & Designer, assisted by Simon Ross-Gill.

He lives in Philadelphia with his wife Louisa.

Simon Ross-Gill

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Simon assists with Marketing & Design.

Simon is working in Lima, Peru specialising in website marketing.


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