Galway Shawl

Galway Shawl Pattern with history sheet—£4.99

This pattern reflects my own personal connection with Galway which you can read about in the history sheet.

The shawl is based on the lovely folk song “The Galway Shawl”. It is beautiful as well as cosy, adaptable for evenings out or evenings by the fire.


We knitted ours in 2-ply Shetland Softspun which we dyed with natural indigo & madder.

You can order Shetland Wool on-line from Jamieson and Smith Shetland Wool Brokers Ltd

Some appreciation for the Galway Shawl Pattern:

“Hi Lynn,
Thank you so much for the Galway Shawl Pattern. I started off trying to knit one as a Christmas present and I am now on my third.
They look great and knit up so quickly.” - Jan Attkins

“thankyou for getting the galway shawl pattern for me i am very greatful. now if you can only find me a pattern for a DONEGAL SHAWL as well i’ll be over the moon . thanks again and look forward too hearing from you yours sincerely Eileen.