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Thursday December 9, 2010

Winter 2010

Technapologies and Technogratitude

There are two new words in the English language occasioned by the fact that our website contact page wasn’t functioning properly and I haven’t been receiving your emails for a few weeks.

So I sent out a “Technapology” to everyone who’d written and I received one email of “Technogratitude” in reply.

I define “technapology” as

“Sorry I haven’t contacted you. My technology didn’t let me know you’d contacted me”.

If you’ve contacted me and still not received that “technapology”, go to the link Contact Us and write to me again.

We’re monitoring the emails closely and finally catching up with the backlog, so do get in touch and we’ll do our best to answer your query.

Remember - you saw those words here first (I think)!


In these past few weeks of freezing cold weather, Inca Hats are definitely the height of fashion around here.

As more subzero temperatures are forecast for the UK, you may fancy knitting one yourself. Those of you who live in the Southern Hemisphere have plenty of time!

A great way to use up small bits of yarn from the “stash” or try out patterns in a small way.

Our Scottish Inca Hat pattern is available on Scottish Inca Hat

The Inca Hat was an appropriate symbol in my life last month as I had a visit from Simon, my younger son, who is currently living and working in Lima. It was great to catch up after two and a half years’ absence and hear first hand about his life in Latin America.

I especially enjoyed hearing about his visit to the Traditional Textile Centre near Cusco, where preserving and teaching the skills is a priority.

The Center for Traditional Textiles in Cusco

Now it’s a question of when, not if, I go to visit him. Preferably when it’s summer there and winter here!!

For more information about Peru and the company Simon works for check out Aracari


Meanwhile, I’m continuing to work on my book “Practical Weaving” and enjoying the sifting process of deciding what goes into the chapters from years of notes, samples and anecdotes. I’ve noticed that the process is spilling over into my approach to Knitting as well, so watch this space for subtle new changes.

We hope that you have a peaceful holiday period with time to take up the needles and relax whatever the climate. I think snuggling will be the operative word here!

Link: Winter 2010

Monday August 30, 2010

Late Summer 2010

The Arran Knitting Company Goes Linguistic!!!

This quarter we offer you the opportunity to take part in the

The Great Pockey Competition

with an opportunity to win a £5 book token from Amazon.


Lynn Gray Ross writes:
It’s been a quiet summer for us in our respective corners of the globe.

I’ve been on Arran most of the time, enjoying the weather, which though changeable has offered enough bright sunshine to satisfy my Scottish soul and enough rain to nourish the garden.

I’m working on a book for A & C Black Publishers called “Practical Weaving” which does what it says on the cover. It’s an amazing opportunity to review what I’ve done over the past few decades and pass the knowledge on.

Jill has spent the summer running the My Kids Time website and arranging and supervising playdates and sleepovers for her two gorgeous girls. Not that I’m a biased Granny or anything!

Louisa sat her State Medical exams in Alabama and she and Chris are looking forward to a move in the next year so that she can complete her Residency to become an MDPhD.

Simon is back in Lima working for I’m living vicariously for the moment through the descriptions of his adventures and thinking about “when not if… ..” I can go and explore for myself.

I would especially like to visit the The Centre for Traditional Textiles to see the work that is being done there with children to preserve their heritage and teach the textile crafts.

The colours are exquisite and I get itchy fingers just looking at the yarns. You can purchase their work through their website.

We hope you’ll enjoy our Pockey Competition and will take advantage of our Curriculum Material.

Meanwhile as the seasons turn and the knitting needles come out - Happy Knitting.

Link: Late Summer 2010

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