Making a Tassle or a Pompom

Making a Tassle or a Pompom

Wind the yarn round a piece of cardboard cut to the length you want the Tassle to be, until it is the thickness you want.

Tie a piece of yarn tightly round the middle of one side of the cardboard. Knot and cut ends long enough to pull through the centre of the top of the hat. Darn in the ends to the inside of the hat.

Pom pom

Step 1

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Cut two circles of card the same size (3 inches or 7.5 cm across is a good size to start with).

Use a round object to draw a circle about 1 and a half inches (3.75 cm) across in the middle of each circle of card.

Cut this circle out.

Put the two circles of card together. Wrap the wool round the shape through the hole in the middle until the cards are completely covered in yarn.

Cut along the outside edge of the wool, through the two circles, all the way round.

Separate the cards carefully a little way apart and tie a piece of wool round the middle of the pompom. Leave long enough ends to attach to hat.

Pull off the cards and tease and round off the pompom.