Finishing Off With Crochet

To Finish Off with Crochet

Finishing off with a single crochet loop gives a flatter edge than can normally be achieved with knitting.

Place the knitting flat so the edge is at the top of your work.

1. Hold the crochet hook like a pen and push it through the middle of the first knitted stitch

2. Form a loop round the hook with the yarn and pull the loop through the knitted stitch to form a new stitch.

3. Repeat on the next knitted stitch so you have two loops on the crochet hook.

4. Loop the yarn round the hook and pull it through the two stitches to make a new one. Lift off the two old stitches over the hook.

Repeat these steps along the knitted edge. At the last stitch, cut the yarn, leaving a 6 inch tail. (15 cm). Pull the tail through the loop to secure.

Sew the end invisibly into the back of the knitting. Do the same with the tail of yarn at the beginning.