January 2010: Winter 2010

Knitting as Warmth

The island has been bathed in sunlight since Christmas.

We’ve not had as much snow as other parts of the country, and although the roads are treacherous at times and the pavements a bit slippery, the late afternoon sparkle of the setting sun on the mountains takes my breath away and all inconvenience is temporarily forgotten.

And then the added bonus of the full moon reflecting off the snowy mountain range.

Indoors the house is cosy, candlelit and very conducive to curling up with knitting needles and yarns.

Find inspiration and extra warmth in our traditional pattern collection (including those cosy socks)

Until January 31st, 2010, we’re offering you a discount of 20% on our Traditional Pattern Collection. Wish Scottish Hydro would do the same with electricity costs!!


Our resources for curriculum work are growing. Click through below for more information and a chance to order this free material for your classroom work

Knit a Square
Wee Baby Hat
Blythe’s Wee Alpaca Scarf
Butterfly Scarf
Big Floppy Flower Project

Knitting in the School Curriculum


Knit a Square Project, South Africa

I received an email from a teacher in Fisher Island, New York which in turn put me in touch with the Knit a Square project in South Africa.

We’ve added patterns and curriculum sheets so that you can tie your classroom work into providing much needed baby hats and squares for blankets for children in poverty and with aids as part of the splendid work which is going on there.

Knit a Square


We trust you will enjoy exploring the pages of the Arran Knitting Company website. We are always happy to hear from you with comments and queries where you can Contact Us and we will respond as soon as possible.

The About Arran has a new poem “The Beach Hut” which I wrote during Jason Watt’s poetry workshop as part of the Robert McLellan Festival in September. I am currently transforming it into a weaving!! You can see more Arran inspired work on my website Lynn Gray Ross

Our family made good use of global technology as we celebrated the holidays in Arran, America and Ireland, thankful that distance is no longer so isolating as it used to be.

We wish you all the best for 2010 and look forward to hearing from you as your knitting journey progresses.

Lynn Gray Ross