Toddler Scarf

This simple toddler’s scarf sets you off on the basics and can later be adapted to fit the grown-up toddler of your choice.

This project requires the techniques of

  • Casting On
  • Measuring
  • Plain Knitting (also known as Garter Stitch)
  • Knitting a Hole Deliberately
  • Casting Off
  • Glowing with Pride
6 ounces (150 grammes) of yarn that you like – this is a generous measure but you can always use the extra for another project.
Yarn often comes with a recommended needle size, which isn’t always right for your knitting so try a few sample squares with different size needles using the following method.

This will work as well if you don’t have a recommended needle size:

Finding the Right Needle/Yarn Relationship

Cast on 10 stitches.

Knit enough rows to form a square. (Ruler or tape measure will confirm this).

If you like the look and feel of this sample, then proceed with your scarf.

If not, then knit another square on bigger/smaller needles until you find the right ‘feel’.

Don’t worry, all this experimentation will definitely come in handy in planning future projects. Keep your samples and staple them on to your Project Pages
as a reference.

“Trust in me” as the snake Kaa said to Mowgli in Jungle Book.

To Make the Scarf

Cast on 26 stitches

Knit until the scarf measures 30 inches (75 cm)

Next row:

Knit 10 stitches.

Cast off 6 stitches loosely but neatly and knit to end of row.

Next row:

Knit 10 stitches.

Cast on 6 stitches loosely but neatly and knit to end of row.

Knit until work measures 40 inches (100 cm) .

Cast off.

Pull one end of scarf through the hole to hold in place as illustrated in the photo.

Sam with Scarf