Knitting with Handspun

Knitting with handspun yarns is a joyful experience if you follow a few simple principles:

  • Spin your yarn first to a thickness your growing experience tells you is best for the fibre.
  • Choose a needle size which seems appropriate to the yarn. Knit a sample or two and adjust the needles if the knitting seems too solid or too loose.
  • Check your tension according to Arran Measurement System

If you have a pattern in mind and the recommended tension matches your yarn, that’s great.

If not, try knitting a simple shaped garment - rectangles are good, again following Arran Measurement System

These principles will make it easier for you to knit up even the bumpiest and most experimental of handspun yarns.

As always, experience is the best teacher in spinning & knitting. Why not download our Knitting Record Sheet and keep a note of what you like and don’t like about each project.

This is the best way to build your personal portfolio.