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Our new addition to the website – reviews of books by Lynn Gray Ross that we have read, used & recommend.

A History of Handknitting

by Richard Rutt

A History of Hand Knitting

This marvelous book by Richard Rutt, former Bishop of Leicester has been on my book shelf for many years. I use it regularly as a reference for my designs and for the fascinating history he has collected.

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Contemporary Knitting for textile artists

by Ruth Lee

Contemporary Knitting

Beginning with basic stitches, Ruth Lee encourages you to explore knitting in a wonderful way from lace to cables - literally - recycled telephone cables are incorporated along with other unconventional knitting yarns.

I’ve tried a few experiments with loom cord, soft wire and coloured yarns. These will be in my mind as I continue to explore the boundaries of knitting, weaving and sculpture.

I highly recommend this book for anyone intrigued by the possibilities of knitting.

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Simple Knits for Cherished Babies

by Erika Knight

Simple Knits for Cherished Babies

This lovely book has inspired me to knit up quite a few of the patterns. It has also inspired me to be creative and try out adaptations of these simple, gorgeous ideas.

I have made umpteen pairs of the Classic Cashmere Bootees for cherished babies that I know. I’ve added a yarn tie round the ankle and have it on reliable information from cherished mothers that they are not easily kicked off and keep baby feet warm.

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Simple Knits for Easy Living

by Erika Knight

Simple Knits for Easy Living

Another inspiring book by Erika Knight to improve your knitting skills, brighten your environment and uplift your spirits.

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At Knit’s End

Meditations for Women who Knit too Much

by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee

At Knit's End

I received this as a Christmas present last year and couldn’t put it down.

Full of recognisable wit and humour which only knitters will fully understand, I have spoken to other readers who were equally hooked on reading it in one sitting, ignoring the roasting turkey meantime.

One of my favourite passages:

“It is an incredibly charming and clever trick that knitting is one long piece of string.

It is not like building blocks or bricks, made up of individual pieces, but more like sculpting in clay where the material is shaped by your intentions and creativity.

I will remember that the downside to this fancy trick is that a two-year-old left along with knitting for three minutes can undo the better part of a shawl, just by pulling on that one string”

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A Gathering of Lace

by Meg Swansen

A Gathering of Lace

A great follow on once you’ve tried our lace scarf. One of my Galway students has knitted up a few pieces from this book - absolutely stunning.

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Knitting Without Tears

by Elizabeth Zimmerman

Knitting Without Tears

. . .

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