May 2010: Spring 2010

Smoke, Ash & Sore Shoulders

Just a wee reminder or two that we’re not entirely in charge. Belching smoke & ash suddenly in control of the world’s flight patterns. Travel restricted for the time being.

In the simple act of putting my jacket on, I wrench my shoulder, neck and the top of my spine. A few days in our cottage hospital with strong painkillers, X-rays, physio, tea and sympathy, a few more days at home trying to find the right combination of pillows to sleep, being completely dependent on friends and family, things seem to have settled down.

But not in time to test our new additions to the Traditional Pattern Collection, so surprises and new additions will have to wait till next time.

As luck would have it, I had no travel plans, but now with the continuing restrictions, I’m looking at ways of traveling to Galway
by ferry & train to visit the family and chatting with my youngest son about his options to work his way home across the Atlantic by sea.

Chatting to a British Airways pilot on Arran for a few days before he made is first post-volcano flight to South Africa, I had to agree with him that he’d rather be down here, wishing he were up there, than up there wishing he were down here.

For the moment I’m contented to be down here, sending out information via volcano-free internet about our new pdf booklet

Knitting in Schools

the first in the series of

Notes for Busy Teachers

available for you to download for £9.95

Includes a curriculum guide for introducing knitting to classroom work, 5 projects at Beginners and Advanced Beginners level, two of which relate to the Knit a Square project which provides blankets and hats for children in South Africa with HIV/AIDS.

For more information check out Knitting in Schools:Notes for Busy Teachers