September 2006: The Arran Knitting Pattern Company

I am delighted to announce our new exciting website for the Arran Knitting Pattern Company.

I open the website with two patterns based on traditional designs updated for 21st century living, The Arran Sweater and The McBride Gansey. They are designed for the knitter who likes to follow patterns stitch by stitch. They are also adaptable if you want to be creative or change the size.

The knitting patterns also come with my

which allows you to adapt the patterns for different sizes and different climates.

I’ll be adding new patterns regularly and sending out an email newsletter with information about techniques, equipment and specialist yarns and suppliers.

Feel free to subscribe to my newsletter.  Fill in this form and we will add you to our list:

I hope this website brings you joy and creative fulfilment as you explore new knitting possibilities.

I also hope you’re inspired to bring all those half-finished creations out of the cupboard and either finish them or design something new.

Happy knitting!

Lynn Gray Ross